Instructional Strategies Reflection

Reflecting on my instructional strategies this year, I feel like I improved a lot.  After a conversation with the director of ASB and being in agreement that using Lucy Calkin´s model of instruction… Continue reading

Bibliography of Helpful Websites

Across Subject Areas throughout the year, I have used a number of resources that I have found useful.  I have included the Subject Area, website and area of use in the chart below.… Continue reading

DRA tracking sheet and reflection

This DRA tracking sheet  is used as a reference for grades and documentation for future teachers of what levels the students were tested at and scored at throughout fifth grade.  Additionally,  I have… Continue reading

Incentives for behavior and academic excellence.

Star Charts The star chart is used as a reward for good individual behavior in class, excellent scores on spelling tests, winning math games in groups or practice with Miss Heather, solving problems… Continue reading

Personal Essay: Lesson 7: Boxes and Bullets

Grade 5: Session 7: Boxes and Bullets: Framing Essays Purpose:  To teach children that essayists frame their writing before they draft. Connection: Summarize the writing process your essayists have experienced thus far, referring… Continue reading

Personal Essay Rubric

Grade 5: Personal Essay Unit Rubric Scaleà Area Evaluated:¯ 4-Excellent 3-Good 2-Satisfactory 1-Needs Improvement Content: The mini-stories fully support the bullets and thesis statement. The mini-stories usually support the bullets and thesis statement… Continue reading

Learning Strategies Assessment

At the beginning of each school year, I give the students this online assessment.  It helps me to better understand some initial things about my students learning skills at the beginning of the… Continue reading

Personal Essay Lesson Sample, Student Sample and Resources

Personal Essay Unit Reflection. As a teacher of writing, the Personal Essay unit is always one of my favorite units to teach. It gives students who struggle in writing a different way to… Continue reading

Literature Circle Plans, Rubrics

Literature Circle Plans, Rubrics During our realistic fiction unit, students were divided into groups based upon their DRA scores.  They were given three books to choose and they chose their text in their… Continue reading

Professionalism Reflection

Professionalism  Reflection This year has been a great year for me to grow personally as a professional.  I have had a number of amazing opportunities to work with my colleagues collaboratively, to present… Continue reading